Minnesota Vikings Wisely Talk with Percy Harvin

By Andrew Fisher
USA Today Sports

Arguably the biggest issue facing the Minnesota Vikings this off-season is the status of star wide receiver Percy Harvin. The talented receiver is going into the final year of his rookie contract, and after rumors of arguments with head coach Leslie Frazier, many are wondering if he’ll be brought back in 2013.

It’s pretty simple at this point – pay the man or trade the man. There’s not a lot of middle ground.

Harvin returned to team facilities recently for a postseason physical, and his once injured ankle was deemed fully healed. This is good news, but it’s really only one piece of news that fans hope to hear about the team’s best wide receiver.

Frazier did meet with Harvin and said the following:

“We definitely had to talk just in general about a lot of things. We had a good conversation. We talked, and it was good conversation. So, hopefully, everything will work out.”

That’s certainly not the most reassuring comment, but at least they’re talking. No one really knows the root of the issues Harvin reportedly had with Frazier, but it all came to a head in Harvin’s final game of the season when he was seen berating his coach on the sideline. Add that in with the contract issue, and you have a real conundrum here.

Personally, I think the Vikings are crazy if they let Harvin go. He’s clearly the most talented receiver they have, and in general he’s just one of the most unique players in the league. Guys like Harvin don’t come around all that often. Sure it’s going to cost some money to lock him up, but it will be money well spent. Most figure Harvin will want a deal for around five years and at least $60 million.

So we’ll see what the Vikings decide, sign him or trade him, but at least they’re taking steps towards resolving whatever issues Harvin has.


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