New York Giants QB Eli Manning Rant Sports Exclusive Interview

By Dave Daniels
Dave Daniels- Rant Sports

Thanks to Gatorade I had the opportunity to sit down with Eli Manning last week and ask him some questions about his family and what it meant to his hometown of New Orleans to be hosting the Super Bowl.

Here is the video of my sit-down with Manning, the two time Super Bowl MVP.

My favorite part is him calling a “pretty tasty” fried shrimp po-boy as one his offseason vices, but probably not the best pre-game meal. He also recounts old times with Peyton playing Tecmo Super Bowl on a “couple red chairs”, which is a pretty funny image to picture. Eli and his family surprisingly did not go to the game on Sunday, but preferred to watch it at home so that they could all be together as a family. He also mentioned the oysters and crawfish as offseason vices, which I’m sure the Mannings had plenty of on Sunday. (I know I did!)

One of the other questions that intrigued me (given the recent Harbowl) was whether Peyton or Eli would consider coaching one day. Based on his response, I think both Peyton and Eli both might be coaches one day, and probably good ones.

Eli was caught a bit off guard by Steve Young‘s recent comments (3:11), but he handled it like a pro. I also asked Eli about Freestyle Love Supreme’s freestyle of him, which was pretty funny and apparently they put it together in less than an hour. You can view that below.

Next year’s Super Bowl will be played in New York, and I’m sure Manning is hoping to be on his home field practicing instead of at the Media Center.

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