NFL Rumors: Is Alex Smith Coming To The Cleveland Browns?

By Ryan Ruiz
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There is one thing I think of when Cleveland Browns trade rumors fly around not even a week after the Super Bowl. It’s the song by 80’s hair band White Snake, “Here I Go”. Just change “I” to “We”.

His time with the team looks to have been short-lived for second-year quarterback Brandon Weeden. Rumored earlier this week, the Browns are possibly in a three way deal with the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs that would send former starting quarterback and first-overall pick Alex Smith to Cleveland. The Browns would most likely give up Weeden and future second round pick in order for that to happen. To me, that seems like a steep price.

It is situations like this that get the Browns in to trouble. Why can’t they let someone develop?! Weeden could flourish in Norv Turner’s offense if given the opportunity. It seems like every opening day there is a different quarterback at the helm when the Browns take the field. Not again!

The Browns do not need two players named Alex Smith, one is completely fine. Despite being only 5-11 last season, the orange and brown could have very easily been 8-8 or even 9-7. With a little luck and one or two plays that fell their way as opposed to the opponents’, three or four more wins were not completely out of the realm. If this had happened, would we be discussing Smith?

To me, going after Smith could spell disaster. We all remember Trent Dilfer, Jeff Garcia, and Jake Delhomme. All of those quarterbacks were experienced veterans just like Smith. Nothing good came out of them.

If Jimmy Haslam and company are going to pitch us something, then stay with the plan. Continue improving the team by building through the draft and add free agents wisely. Do not over pay a guy or trade for someone by burning precious draft picks. Weeden at least deserves to compete this season.

Ryan Ruiz – Cleveland Browns Writer

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