Rant Sports Exclusive Interview with Defensive Player of Year J.J. Watt

By Dave Daniels
Thomas Campbell: USA TODAY Sports

J.J. Watt is a huge dude; his head barely fit on the video screen of my smart phone. Here is a YouTube video with some description and photos of Watt’s fake proposal to six-year old Breanna, which was what my first question was about.

What a nice gesture by Watt to make all that happen; he probably made Breanna’s year with that. My favorite part of the interview below is when he says his goal was to make Breanna smile. This is an instance of social media being used for good instead of ill.


Watt was named the Defensive Player of the Year the day after our conversation, and rightfully so. His defensive play affects the outcome of the game more than anyone else in the NFL right now. Von Miller is probably the closest, and I will later post the Gatorade Fuel Bar Interviews with Watt and Miller. Much thanks to Gatorade by the way for this interview opportunity.

After my conversation with him, I’m convinced that Watt will be an even better player next year. His stats might not be at the level they were this year though, because it wouldn’t surprise me to see him double and triple-teamed on most plays. He is that good. To think that he could come back better next year should be a frightening thought to every quarterback in the AFC, but I believe it will happen.

He said in his group Fuel Bar interview that he goes to sleep at 9 pm every night and uses the Gatorade products all day to get the maximum performance out of his body. His dietician also spoke and said that Watt was one of the hardest working people she knew when it came to working on and taking care of his body. He’s managed to put on lean muscle weight, but without losing his burst of speed.

It kind of makes me feel bad that Andrew Luck has to play Watt twice a year.

I guess it’s just poor luck.

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