The New England Patriots must sign a deep threat

By Damon Salvadore
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If the New England Patriots want to be a contender next season they must get a deep threat. They must sign Mike Wallace or Dwayne Bowe.

Both Wallace and Bowe will be free agents heading into the off-season and both are known for “stretching the field” to the very best. Are we talking about Randy Moss in his prime? Of course not. But the Patriots can’t continue this dink and dunk offense with Wes Welker as their primary target. It just doesn’t work come playoff time when you vs. the best defenses. Brandon Lloyd had an average first season with the team, but he’s not the deep threat that Wallace and Bowe are.

Lloyd only had four touchdowns all season.

Mike Wallace may not be a top five wide receiver, but his importance and value may be top five. Only a smaller Desean Jackson can rival his down field abilities. The Pittsburgh Steelers are currently $10.8 million over the salary cap and are looking to clear some space. Rumors are circulating that Wallace is seeking a contract worth $10 million per season. Is he worth it if you’re New England? Absolutely. The Patriots are $18.6 million under the cap.

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And then there’s Dwayne Bowe. Probably the most underrated wide receiver in the NFL. He’s had some injuries lately, but nothing major. He put together outstanding seasons in Kansas City, especially considering Matt Cassel was the starting quarterback which include three 1,000 yard seasons and a 995 yard rookie season. In 2010, he caught a franchise record and league-leading 15 touchdowns. The Kansas City Chiefs have remained quiet on their stance not saying if they will resign him.

The addition of one of these two wide receivers would make the patriots a serious contender. They would stretch the field and hit deep balls down field and have less blitzes against them. Without the addition, they are a just a dink-and-dunk offense centered around five yard passes.


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