Will The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Bring In Someone To Compete Against Josh Freeman?

By Michael Terrill
Daniel Shirey-USA Today Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers finished the 2012 NFL season 7-9 but fell far short of their expectations. The team certainly has to improve in several areas on offense and defense. Quarterback is definitely a position the team feels they can do better and some wonder if the Buccaneers should bring in some competition for Josh Freeman.

Freeman played decent in 2010 and 2011 but his numbers dropped off a bit in 2012. Yes, he did toss the most passing yards (4,065) and touchdowns (27) so far in his young career but he also only completed 54.8 percent while attempting the most throws he has in four years. This is something that is understandably frustrating for a coaching staff as well as the fans.

The Buccaneers gave the 25-year-old quarterback solid weapons to throw to in wide receivers Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams. He also has an outstanding running game led by first-year player Doug Martin, who exploded onto the scene in 2012. With Martin lining up behind him, Freeman should have all sorts of opportunities to make plays on the gridiron.

Freeman definitely has a truck load of talent and potential but he seems to be missing something to get him going. That something could be a legitimate competition in training camp. Everyone can see what has happened with the New York Jets without a decent quarterback competition during the summer and the last thing Tampa Bay fans want is the same thing to happen to their rising star. The competition would simply be something to light a fire underneath Freeman so that he understands not to take his status as the starter for granted.

Some free agent quarterbacks Tampa Bay could bring in are Matt Moore, Jason Campbell and David Carr. All three signal callers have proven themselves as starters in the NFL (even if they all lost their job at some point) and could be exactly what Freeman needs to play up to his potential. Moore in particular would be a great player to sign because he is certainly talented enough to motivate the players around him and win games.

The competition would also be  good for the Buccaneers because it would reveal exactly what they have in their franchise quarterback. If Tampa Bay brings in someone better such as a Seattle Seahawks incident in which Russell Wilson comes out from left field to win the job, then the Buccaneers would be better off for it.

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