Dallas Cowboys Fans Should Pay Attention To Joe Flacco's Contract Status

By Ben Grimaldi


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A few months back when the Houston Texans gave a new contract to quarterback Matt Schaub, I mentioned that his deal would be something the Dallas Cowboys would be looking over very closely. I figured the money that Schaub got would be a starting point at what to expect with the Cowboys and Tony Romo. Maybe those numbers still are still the guide but now there is a new player to pay attention to and see how much he gets paid, Joe Flacco.

The Baltimore Ravens quarterback has won nine playoff games, a Super Bowl and is a Super Bowl MVP; he’s also a free agent about to get paid. The Ravens will surely get a new deal done with Flacco, the only question will be just how much will he get paid? Flacco and his agent reportedly think he’s an elite quarterback and should be paid like one, which means somewhere in the $20 million a year range. While the ‘elite’ word is meaningless, it’s the second part that should scare the Cowboys.

If Flacco receives the kind of money that Drew Brees and Peyton Manning got, then the Cowboys could be in big trouble. Flacco doesn’t have near the stats of those great quarterbacks or of Romo, so it would be a surprise if he gets paid like them. Of course winning means something too and the Cowboys haven’t done enough of it with Romo. The Ravens have done much more of it under Flacco, but when putting up their stats side by side, Romo is the better quarterback. Unfortunately for him, he hasn’t gotten enough help from his teammates or played well enough in big games to have a better record.

That’s the dilemma; do the Cowboys pay Romo based off of what Joe Flacco gets, or closer to what Matt Schaub received? As Cowboys fans, you should hope it’s much closer to the $13 million Schaub makes than the close to $20 million that Flacco is projecting to make. My guess is it will come somewhere in the middle but all of Dallas should be rooting for a contract below what Brees and Manning make, it’s the only way to save the Cowboys some money.

So pay attention to Joe Flacco’s contract status, it’s likely to provide a glimpse into what Tony Romo’s new contract will look like. Be afraid of what Jerry Jones will do, be very afraid.

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