Gatorade Fuel Bar Interview with Jacksonville Jaguars Maurice Jones-Drew

By Dave Daniels
Dave Daniels- Rant Sports

Here is the group media interview with Maurice Jones-Drew at the Gatorade Fuel Bar. Jones-Drew is currently rehabbing a broken foot and is moving around in a kind of scooter to take the pressure off of it. I was able to ask Jones-Drew about how the muscle retention is going during his rehab. (3:32)

You can listen to that group interview here.

Jones-Drew mentioned his high school team as the only one to succeed before they failed (his team never lost a game for the record); I asked him more about his relationship with his high school coach in my one on one interview with him, which you can listen to here.

Jones-Drew will be back better than ever, because he is dedicated. LaDainian Tomlinson recently expressed confidence that Jones-Drew will be back at 100% and in my one on one interview Jones-Drew said he would like to be at 125%. The real question is whether he will be a Jacksonville Jaguar. He said in the group interview that he has never been one to “jump ship”, but I’m betting that the list of suitors for Jones-Drew would be very high if the Jaguars decided to go in another direction. At his peak, Jones-Drew was a back who could kill you in the running game or the passing game. The most surprising thing I heard in the group interview is that football is the sport he struggled with most growing up (9:02); I wonder how good he could have been at basketball or baseball if it wasn’t exactly a struggle for him to excel.

Much thanks to Gatorade, and keep an eye open for my one on one interview with A.J. Green later today and possibly Russell Wilson’s Gatorade Fuel Bar interview as well.

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