Gregg Williams Deserves A Second Chance

By Ben Grimaldi
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The sports world is a place where people go to get away from the realities of the real world. Sometimes it’s hard for people to separate the two because fans tend to take everything so personally but at the end of the day, most people understand that it’s just a game. It’s also the reason most fans know right from wrong and can be harsher on athletes who mess up, regardless on if they play for their favorite team or not.

Everyone knows that athletes are notorious for getting a second chance when they mess up and most people understand the reasons why. We all figure they get special treatment from the community in order to help their team win, which is usually the case. However, sometimes a situation comes along and it isn’t an athlete who gets in trouble, it’s actually a coach – in this case, Gregg Williams.

If you’ll remember, Williams was a part of the New Orleans Saints ‘Bountygate’ program, and was suspended indefinitely last year by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Williams was reinstated yesterday by Goodell and the Tennessee Titans have hired him as a senior assistant coach for the Titans defense. I really like the move by the league because when athletes mess up, they are usually afforded a second and third chance, so it’s only right that a coach got a second chance as well. Williams, like any player, deserves a second chance to prove he’s learned from the situation.

Gregg Williams has served his punishment, and while athletes are usually back in much quicker time than the year that Williams served, he deserves a second chance.

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