Group Interview with A.J. Green at Gatorade Fuel Bar, He Ate Omelette before Pro Bowl

By Dave Daniels

Thanks to Gatorade, I was able to attend Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green’s Gatorade Fuel Bar group interview.

Green had a fantastic Pro Bowl and the combination of him and Andy Dalton is one of the most feared young quarterack-wide receiver combos in the league. Jerry Rice singled out Green as one of the most exciting young receivers in a group media interview. That will be posted later today.

Green talks about how he is not the biggest guy on the field, but he uses it to his advantage by keeping his speed and stamina up, so that he can leave some of the behemoths in the dust.

I got to ask Green about his Pro Bowl experience (1:24); he enjoyed picking the brains of veterans like Andre Johnson and Reggie Wayne. He says it was a great experience and hopes to be back many years in a row. Green is one of the best young talents in the game and I’m sure that this Pro Bowl was not his last. His advice for new players is all about how nutrition can help you with the longevity of their career. Next year’s rookies would do well to heed Green’s advice.

Green also answered my question about preparation (4:20) and that due to better nutrition he was able to avoid hitting the rookie wall and played with solid consistency through all of last year. It’s nice that the Bengals finally have a receiver who not only will produce on the field, but also not bring distraction off of it. Green also reveals at the end of this clip that he ate an omelette before the Pro Bowl; it may become a pre-game ritual for the two time Pro Bowler after he excelled in that game.

Much thanks to Gatorade and keep an eye out for my one-on-one interview with Green later today.

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