No Matter the Cost, Jairus Byrd Needs to Stay With the Buffalo Bills

By Scott DelleFave
Byrd, Jairus 7
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

In just over a month, The Buffalo Bills could very well lose one of their key pieces on defense in free safety Jairus Byrd. In four seasons, he has became a lynchpin on this defense who has been a ball hawk since the first time he played in the NFL. Byrd has had 219 tackles, 19 interceptions, 10 forced fumbles, five fumble recoveries in four years.

It is amazing how Byrd was considered an extremely slow corner coming out of the college ranks. Yes, he was projected to be a better free safety, however, I doubt no one saw how much of a star he would become so fast, especially considering that he was battling sports hernia surgeries his rookie season.

As much as I loathe the song “Surfin Bird” by The Trashmen (you know the Bird is the word song), I would love to hear that song for at least six more seasons in Ralph Wilson Stadium. Bringing Byrd back will show that the Bills are serious about investing for the future of the team and as a result, future free agents might get the notion to go to Buffalo to see their career die of their heads. I have a feeling if he’s not re-signed long term right away, Byrd will be franchise-tagged so he won’t hit the free agent market.

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