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These Five Arizona Cardinals Cannot Be on the Team Next Season

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Time for the New Coaching Staff to Clean House


With a new coaching staff and a more positive outlook on next season the Arizona Cardinals are at a point where they can't even let some players have a tryout for next season. I know the new coaching staff is all about teaching players, but some people are too broke to fix.

Last season, we saw an offensive line get wrecked and a couple quarterbacks decide they didn't know how to play the position at an NFL level. It was hard to watch if you are a fan and even harder if you agreed with some of the decisions former Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt made. Not only was he wrong, but you felt you had to support the decision because you were all on board until the chaos started.

The Cardinals cannot tolerate mediocrity moving forward and no matter how much you like a player, the NFL is a business and people that don't perform have to get fired. The Cardinals need to go with a whatever it takes approach to get this team where they would like to be. The front office has done well so far bringing in a veteran coaching staff with countless years of experience, but they can only do so much.

Bruce Arians and company have to plead with the big wigs up stairs to spend some money and deal some players they might not want to let go, outside of WR Larry Fitzgerald of course. As far as I'm concerned, that man is untouchable. These five players cannot be on the team next season because of poor performance, underachieving and maybe a little attitude problem that can only be fixed by kicking them to the curb.

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Beanie Wells


He's just not that good. The Cardinals have given him more than enough chances and judging by Beanie Wells comments near the end of the season, he doesn't even want to be on the team anymore. He said he was trying out for 31 other teams. Well, I say good luck to you Wells it didn't seem like your tryout went very well.

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John Skelton


Really Whisenhunt, you thought this guy could come in and lead this team to the playoffs. The only thing John Skelton was good for the entire season was leading the team on an grotesque losing streak that cost you your job. Skelton is going to have trouble finding himself a job as an emergency quarterback in 2013. He doesn't make a lot of money, so I say cut him loose sooner rather than later.

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Early Doucet


Early Doucet is a guy that I would be kind of sad to see go, but a season full of underachieving does not turn a lot of heads in a good way. Michael Floyd became the third receiver towards the end of the season and he should do just fine alongside Andre Roberts and Fitzgerald. Doucet needs to bring more to the table, but it shouldn't be for the Cardinals next season. He shouldn't struggle too hard to find work next season.

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D'Anthony Batiste


You just can't play much worse than D'Anthony Batiste did this season. I know you can because Bobby Massie played really bad at the beginning of the season, but he improved and started to make the proper adjustments. In my eyes, he earned a spot on the team next year just by toughing it out the entire season. Batiste was also thrown into the position, but he is a veteran and should have been more prepared. He was not, he failed and he might not find a spot on any team next year.

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Ryan Lindley


Ryan Lindley is too far into his own head and can't continue playing for the Cardinals. I wouldn't mind having him as an emergency quarterback, but he just needs to find a new home. Lindley needs to forget whatever Whisenhunt and his coaching staff taught him this year and move forward with an empty mind. If he doesn't he will be out of football faster than he would like to be. Right now, he could go be an emergency quarterback for a bunch of teams, learn for a couple of years and then go try to start again.