Trent Dilfer Calls AFC "Soft" at Super Bowl Group Media Interview

By Dave Daniels
Dave Daniels- Rant Sports

Last Thursday at a Super Bowl Media center, Jerry Rice, Mike Ditka, Trent Dilfer and Chris Carter were all available to the media for about an hour. I tried to get at least seven or eight minutes of each guy and below in this article I show the video of Dilfer answering some media questions.

Dilfer apparently thinks the AFC is “soft”, or in a more friendly way “top strong or not as deep”. Wonder what the Baltimore Ravens think about that comment.

He also gave his opinion on quarterbacks Matt Schaub and Alex Smith. He thinks Schaub is the best and probably only good fit right now for the Houston Texans and that the Kansas City Chiefs would be a great fit for Alex Smith. On a side note, I’d forgotten that Dilfer mentored Smith in his rookie year in San Francisco. Dilfer even gets a little dig in on Donovan McNabb (7:20), which as an embittered Washington Redskins fan I always appreciate.

He also gave me his rookie of the year pick (9:12), which was Andrew Luck, although Robert Griffin III ended up winning it. Dilfer was the quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens the first time Ray Lewis won a super bowl; he is now an analyst for ESPN.

Many thanks to Gatorade for the media day pass, and stay tuned for the Gatorade Fuel Bar group interview with Russell Wilson later today.

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