Warren Sapp Jabs Michael Strahan Again

By Andrew Lecointe
Robert Deutsch — US Presswire

Former New York Giants’ DE Michael Strahan and former Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ DT Warren Sapp have had words exchanged in the past. Back when Strahan broke the single-season record for sacks, Sapp ripped Strahan, saying former Green Bay Packers’ QB Brett Favre gave him the record-setting sack and he didn’t earn it.

Strahan fired back by letting Sapp know that he needed to get out of the first round before trying to trash anyone else. In that record-setting season, however, the Giants didn’t make the playoffs, giving Sapp more ammunition for Strahan. At the end of it all, both were able to cap stellar careers with championship rings.

Sapp isn’t ready to let Strahan slide without another jab, however. It was recently announced that Sapp, along with other greats, will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this summer. Strahan was also in his first year of eligibility as well, but didn’t get the votes necessary to be inducted. There is no doubt Strahan will eventually be elected, but Sapp decided to rub it in that he was inducted on his first try.

“C’mon. Madness or Good Morning America? I mean, c’mon,” Sapp explains. Sapp clearly believes he had the better chance of making it to the Hall of Fame, and he was proven right. However, Strahan and Sapp were equally great. Sapp is one of the best interior linemen to ever play, racking up a lot of sacks while trying to get by double teams.

Strahan is fifth all-time in career sacks with 141.5. However, Strahan was one of the better run stoppers during his day as well, doing something that has generally been very hard to accomplish as an edge pass rusher. Strahan will probably get in next year, but that doesn’t mean Sapp is more worthy.

Former Minnesota Vikings’ WR Cris Carter wasn’t voted in initially despite being second in most receiving categories behind WR Jerry Rice. Former New York Jets’ RB Curtis Martin got in on his first try, which was somewhat of a head-scratcher. He did put up Hall of Fame numbers, but no one expected that on his first try.

In all, Sapp and Strahan are two great players. It’s obvious, however, that one is very mature and the other one, who happens to be broke, hasn’t matured at all.

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