Will J'Marcus Webb Be a Factor in 2013?


Here’s a little known fact about Chicago Bears left tackle J’Marcus Webb; he actually graded out the highest of any Bears offensive lineman in 2012 according to Pro Football Focus. Now granted, it was still a negative score. So while Webb takes a beating, he wasn’t the biggest culprit on the Bears line. You can credit Gabe Carimi with that distinction.

Unless the Bears strike free agency gold or draft a stud left tackle, my guess is that Webb will be starting in that spot next season. With the hiring of Marc Trestman and a whole new crew of offensive coaches, the Bears organization recognized that there needed to be a commitment to offense. There were just too many mistakes, miscues and terrible play calling that held the Bears back. Last year’s offensive coordinator Mike Tice really struggled. All of this led to an oft-hit Jay Cutler and no commitment to much of anything.

I think Webb deserves a chance to show the Bears what he can do (as well as the rest of his teammates). I am not blind to the fact that this unit needs to get a lot better, but I am just not sure if there’s any better answers available. It’s always easiest to make change for change sake, and I certainly wouldn’t fault the Bears for going another direction. But Webb and the rest of his teammates deserve a chance under the new coaches.

Despite Webb being a seventh-round selection out of West Texas A & M, he was one of the nation’s top high school tackles and originally started his career at the University of Texas. In addition to being a great high school football player, he also was a good student. So it’s not like Webb is a total waste of talent. In fact, he has the size and strength to play in the NFL. But it’s time for Webb and his nation to prove if he can actually perform like a left tackle. Stay tuned.

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