Are The Green Bay Packers Rebuilding?

By AJEnno
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There are a few things you didn’t think you would hear about the Green Bay Packers after they won Super Bowl XLV, one would be that the Packers would be rebuilding. Going into this off-season it could be a year that the Packers may be rebuilding. It’s not rebuilding in the same sense as say the Cleveland Browns, but building up in certain aspects.

The Packers are considering cutting veterans AJ Hawk, Charles Woodson and Jermichael Finley. Those were key contributors to this team throughout their careers. That mean the Packers would be rebuilding at tight end and safety. Woodson has been the best leader the Packers could ask for. His play on the field has been legendary as well. To lose Woodson would mean bringing in a new safety, and finding a new leader on defense.

It would make sense that Clay Matthews would be the leader.They would still need a hybrid player like Woodson to move around in the 3-4 scheme. The loss of Finley wouldn’t be as important, but the fact that they would need to find another proven pass catcher quick would put them in rebuilding mode.

The Packers still have a solid core intact and have the best quarterback in the league, Aaron Rodgers. Accompany that with the talented receiving corps, and the Packers could still contend although being labeled as a “rebuilding”  team. Also GM Ted Thompson has had much luck in the past drafting guys who can be key contributors from day one. That would be a perfect scenario for the Packers in their version of rebuilding.

The only worrisome spot is the offensive line. If the offensive line is as terrible as it was this past season, then you can expect major changes on the line. It takes time to develop offensive lineman into the players they need to be. This could take some time, and the Packers may not have that type of time. The offensive line is turning into the most important group on the Packers. Keeping Rodgers upright makes him unstoppable at times.

Whether the Packers go into full blown rebuilding or just tinkering at some positions, it shouldn’t hinder the Packers game at the moment.

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