Dallas Cowboys Should Draft A Quarterback In April

By Ben Grimaldi
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

There’s a theory in the NFL that you should draft a quarterback every year in order to have depth at the most important position in the game. It certainly makes sense to me, because you never know how good player will turn out to be, especially since the NFL draft isn’t an exact science. By agreeing with this theory, I think it’s pretty obvious the Dallas Cowboys should draft a quarterback this April.

The Cowboys do have Tony Romo as their starter and a very capable backup in Kyle Orton, but neither of them is a spring chicken, and the team needs to develop a young quarterback. This isn’t meant to bash Romo because he’s still a good quarterback and despite his struggles on the biggest stage, he still gives the Cowboys an excellent chance to win but also remember where he came from. Romo was an undrafted free agent and the Cowboys were smart to pick him up even though they had Quincy Carter as their starter.

Dallas was lucky to hit on Romo, but it also proves a bigger point – that you should never stop looking for quarterbacks. Picking up a QB as an undrafted free agent doesn’t have as a high a success rate as drafting one, so I firmly believe the Cowboys should draft a signal-caller. The last time they drafted a quarterback was Stephen McGee in 2009 and it didn’t work out, but that doesn’t mean they should stop trying. There is no excuse for not drafting a quarterback in three straight years, and that trend must stop this draft.

The more shots you take, the better your odds are that you hit on a player, and the Cowboys need to have a young quarterback on the roster.

Spare me the talk that it’s wasting a draft pick when you already have two capable players at the same position, because you can never have too many quarterbacks. And, I’d rather ‘waste’ a pick on a quarterback who doesn’t work out rather than on any other position. The NFL is built for quarterbacks, and the Cowboys have ignored drafting the position for too long.

So move over, Tony Romo and Kyle Orton, a new quarterback should be coming to town in April. We don’t know his name or where he’ll be drafted, but it’s necessary they draft one.

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