Is Alex Smith the best choice for the Arizona Cardinals?

By Kase Brammer
Alex Smith
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Less than two years ago, San Francisco 49ers QB Alex Smith was a bust. Not all of it was his fault, he went through like 100 coaches in his time in San Francisco and a bunch of different offensive schemes. When he was finally playing, leading the league in completion percentage, he goes down with a concussion and Jim Harbaugh makes the call to go with the “hot hand”. Colin Kaepernick led them an NFC West title, second round bye and Smith’s time in San Francisco was over.

It can be argued pretty easily his time in San Francisco was over along time before then. As soon as Harbaugh made the decision you could tell Smith wanted out of an embarrassing situation.

The Arizona Cardinals are in a position where they need a quarterback, but is Alex Smith the best option? If the  Cardinals want a player to control the clock and make smart passes all game long, they might as well stick with QB Kevin Kolb. I don’t think anybody in the league could have played better than Kolb during the worst stretch for their offensive line. If I’m Coach, and a quarterback is sacked 17 times in two games and still manages to come away with a win, I want that guy on my team playing quarterback.

Kolb may be injury prone and a veteran quarterback is needed, but Smith is a very expensive quarterback. If he is let go to the open market, he may go straight to the Cardinals, but if he wants to get paid, he will test the market and drive the price up as far as he can. However, if the 49ers trade him they would be stupid to give him away in their own division and that seems to be the case at the moment. The Cardinals need to be thinking about veteran quarterbacks and worry about teaching Kolb how to play the position better.

If the Tennessee Titans release Matthew Hasselbeck, the Cardinals need to pick him up in a hurry. He is smart and has enough arm strength to stretch the field. He was the best quarterback in the NFC West for over five years and Hasselbeck would be the veteran presence this team was missing at the quarterback position.

I’d like to hear what you think. Is Alex Smith the best option or should the Cardinals be looking for a more seasoned veteran to back up Kolb?

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