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NFL Rumors: Will the Miami Dolphins Let Reggie Bush Walk?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Depending on who you ask, Reggie Bush might be the top unrestricted free agent running back available in 2013. The once injury-plagued almost ‘draft bust’ has now resurrected his career after averaging 1,000 yards rushing over the past two seasons with the Miami Dolphins. However, reports have recently surfaced which say the Dolphins have yet to extend any sort of offer to Bush, which apparently would be much to his chagrin.

While it seems like a relatively easy decision to make on the surface, I wouldn’t blame to Dolphins for thinking long and hard before re-upping Bush. Sure, his last two seasons have spoken for themselves, but the reality is that he’s going to be 28 heading into next season. Does Miami want to take a chance on signing him long-term with his past history of injuries and given that he’s nearing 30?

I really can’t see any NFL team justifying more than a three-year deal with Bush. His expiring contact with Miami was for two years and about $10 million, and there’s no doubt he’ll be asking for a raise after his past two years. If the Dolphins are trying to build for the future, there’s a chance they don’t bring Bush back. He really just doesn’t have that many more years left in him.

On the other side though, if Miami thinks they can compete in the next couple years, re-signing Bush would be a solid decision. He’s likely going to give the team around 1,200-1,400 yards of total offense and five to eight touchdowns.

I see the Dolphins as a team that could make the playoffs in the near future, but not as team that could actually make some noise. They are still no doubt rebuilding that franchise after many years of disappointment.

Bush is clearly still a valuable player to have on the roster, but his career is just at the point where teams are going to think about offering him a sizable amount of cash.

Right now, I say there’s a 60% chance Bush re-signs with the Dolphins.


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