Should The Green Bay Packers Sign Ahmad Bradshaw?

By AJEnno
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Last season Ahmad Bradshaw was a big part of a Super Bowl winning offense for the New York Giants. One year later, he finds himself in the free agent pool as the Giants cut ties with the running back on Wednesday. The Green Bay Packers were one of teams who felt the wrath of Bradshaw and the Giants potent offense. That could be reason enough for GM Ted Thompson to take a chance on Bradshaw.

Bradshaw would bring a set of skills that the Packers don’t possess at the running-back position. Bradshaw is a short, quick runner with burst, but with enough power to fight for extra yardage. He’s also a great pass catcher which would be perfect for the Packers pass-first offense. Bradshaw would be a perfect complement to Aaron Rodgers’ throwing the ball. Bradshaw is used to a shared backfield, so it would make sense to bring him in with DuJuan  Harris.

The only downside for Bradshaw would be his recent injury history. Bradshaw missed four games this past season due to a lingering foot injury. It clearly played into the reason why the Giants got rid of Bradshaw. At 27 years old, Bradshaw probably has about two more years left in his prime, which could also be a problem. Bradshaw would work as a stop gap for the Packers though, until they could draft that work horse running back that they so desperately need.

If Bradshaw were to come to the Packers it would have to be at a low price. The Packers are currently in the process of extending key players: Aaron Rodgers, B.J. Raji and Clay Matthews. Bradshaw could realize that he may not have any better chance to win another championship than with the Packers.

Will Bradshaw go somewhere, and get overpaid? Or will he take a discount to the for the Packers and contend? We will see soon enough.

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