The Arizona Cardinals Won't Get Another Shot at Anquan Boldin

By Kase Brammer
Anquan Boldin
Jack Gruber-USA TODAY Sports

Baltimore Ravens WR Anquan Boldin announced he will not play in another uniform if he is released by the team. This shuts the door on any Arizona Cardinals fan wanting him back. It probably wouldn’t have happened anyway, but it’s always nice to dream of having one of the best receiving duos in NFL history back in action.

While with the Cardinals, Boldin caught over 100 passes twice and went over 1,000 yards in five of his seven seasons. In each of his three seasons with the Ravens, he has caught at least 57 passes and gone over 800 yards receiving. Boldin has always been an impressive receiver with the ball in his hands often running the ball with running back like properties. It would be a mistake for him to retire this early in his career and a lot of people on the Ravens would be sad to see him go.

Boldin dominated the playoffs this year with almost 400 receiving yards and getting very close to being the Super Bowl MVP. He embarrassed the San Francisco 49ers and that kind of talent needs to stay in the NFL.

The 6’1″ 220 pound receiver might have to restructure his contract to make room for the giant contract the Ravens are about to offer to Joe Flacco. They also have to make room for Paul Kruger, Dannell Ellerbe and Ed Reed because he says he did not intend to retire after the Super Bowl.

It was always just a dream to have Boldin come back to the Cardinals, but he seems to have crushed that particular dream. Fans will always remember him as one of the best receivers in Cardinals’ history and with his 10,000 yards receiving, he may one day find himself in the Hall of Fame. However, judging by his comments, he will go in with the Ravens. It doesn’t matter, in Cardinals fan’s minds he will always be a part of this franchise.

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