Green Bay Packers Need To Extend Aaron Rodgers' Contract

By AJEnno
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The Green Bay Packers have some big decision’s to make in the next few off-seasons, but one decision should be made early dealing with QB Aaron Rodgers. The superstar quarterback’s contract is set to expire after the 2014 season, so there is no immediate rush to get a deal done. However, it would make sense just to get the deal out of the way.

Rodgers signed a six-year $65 million deal in his 2008, which was his first year as a starter with the Packers. The deal came as a surprise as Rodgers hadn’t proved himself quite yet. The deal was worth it in the end, but now it seems a little out of date compared to other star QBs in the league. Drew Brees signed a record setting deal of $100 over five years with a net of $40 million. Michael Vick currently makes more than Rodgers, and he’s going to be fighting for a spot in training camp. It’s time to make Rodgers one of the highest paid quarterbacks.

Rodgers, of course, has played the part perfectly in the media as usual, saying that he’s not worried about the deal. Brees said the same thing before holding out of training camp while his deal got done. It wouldn’t be a good idea to start camp next off-season without your star player.

The Packers are rumored to be freeing a lot of cap space this off-season, which would lead one to believe that a deal is on it’s way. The Packers might favor Clay Matthews and B.J. Raji’s contracts more as they are going into a contract year. It’s an odd situation that so many stars have their contract years coming up. It may make more sense to let Raji walk, while paying Matthews big money and then focusing mainly on Rodgers.

It would also make sense for the Packers to get a deal done quickly, because if he were to win another MVP award or another Super Bowl, his asking price would go through the roof, deservedly so.

In the end it would be nice to see Rodgers sign a deal that would ensure he could finish his career as a Packer. We all know what happened to the last star QB, and it’s not something that Packers fan-base can endure again.

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