Using a Top-Ten Pick On Quarterback Will Be A Mistake for the Buffalo Bills

By Scott DelleFave
Buffalo Bills 2
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

With the eighth overall pick, the Buffalo Bills select quarterback…

If that phrase is uttered on April 25th, Bills fans should all cringe at once, as this draft class for quarterback isn’t good at all. Plus, there are far bigger needs to be filled with a top ten draft pick. This draft is defensive-heavy, and the Bills biggest Achilles heel last year was their linebacker corps.

Frankly, their whole defense looked lifeless in some games, and some of the blame has to be placed on former defensive coordinator Dave Wannstedt.

That being said, I would be plenty intrigued if the Bills were to take the quarterback out of Southern Utah University in Brad Sorensen. Sorensen is a 6′ 5″ 235 lb. quarterback who has arguably the fastest release of anyone in this year’s draft class. However, due to playing at such a small school, there will be level-of-competition questions, and that’s why he should hold a clipboard for at least one year and soak up all the knowledge he can before being turned loose, unlike how all the young rookies and second-year players have been thrown to the lions.

Frankly, football fans have been spoiled in how the young guys have played in recent cases. It is truly a statistical anomaly, as usually at least one or two quarterbacks fall flat on their faces after finally making the big leagues.

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