Anthony Spencer Would Be an Amazing Upgrade for the Cincinnati Bengals

By Scott DelleFave
Spencer, Anthony 1
David Kohl-USA Today Sports

This might seem like a long shot at best but it is extremely plausible that the Cincinnati Bengals outside linebacker Anthony Spencer could go there and be an instant upgrade over also free agent outside linebacker Manny Lawson, despite Lawson has been solid this year.

That being said, under defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer in Cincinnati would make  a super star like Spencer into a mega star that would torment the Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Baltimore Ravens for years to come. It would make those three teams keep on drafting offensive linemen as the Bengals who already has one of the youngest and hungriest defenses in the league even stronger and better.

Spencer definitely peaked this year with 11 sacks and that wasn’t even in the right outside linebacker which is impressive also since he only played in 14 games. Also with the financial situation the Dallas Cowboys are in, unless Jerry Jones gets extremely creative with money, Spencer walks and cashes in big time and Cincinnati would be an amazing fit to say the least. Even if the Bengals were to give Spencer 10 million a year for six years, they still have to spend more and they could be a real contender in 2013 or at the latest 2014 and not be one and done like the previous two post seasons losing to the Houston Texans.

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