Can Washington Redskins Repeat As NFC East Division Champs?

By Ben Grimaldi
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It has long been known as one of the toughest divisions in the NFL, and this season the Washington Redskins won it. The NFC East is filled with rivals, hatred and great football, so there’s no doubt that Redskins fans are proud of what they accomplished. After all, they hadn’t won the division since 1999, so it’s only right to ask the question, can the Redskins repeat as NFC East Champions?

If recent history is any indication then the answer is no, since no NFC East team has won the division in back to back years since the Philadelphia Eagles did it in the 2003-04 seasons. So as we’ve seen, it’s very difficult to do. And although no one should count the Redskins out as of now, the deck is stacked against them.

Their biggest issue is health, and even though Robert Griffin III says he’ll be ready to go week 1, nobody knows how he’s going to feel seven months from now. Even if RGIII does feel good enough to play, it’s extremely doubtful that he’ll be the same player next season that he was this year.

The NFL also finds a way to stop the new and creative schemes after they’ve had a full off-season to digest them, so it may also be too much to expect the Redskins offense to be as good as it was last year. And, I like Kirk Cousins, as a quarterback but no one knows how he’d fare if he saw more playing time.

The Redskins had a very good season this year and finished at 10-6, but they still had to win on the last week of the season to win the division. It was the exact same scenario in the 2011 season, so it tells us all that winning the NFC East is never easy and always comes down to the end. They finished one game ahead of the New York Giants and two in front of the Dallas Cowboys, so it’s not like they ran away with NFC East.

I don’t care if people say the NFC East has been a down division the past few years, because there is never anything down about the biggest rivalry division in the NFL. Each of the four teams hate each other, and it rarely matters how good any of the teams are when they play, because it’s always personal.

So the question remains, can the Washington Redskins win the NFC East again in 2013? Yes, of course they can, but they won’t. It’s too hard of a division to win every year, and a new team will sit atop the NFC East after next season.

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