Confusion Always Surrounds New Orleans Saints Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan

By Ben Grimaldi
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Another day goes by and there is more drama with the new defensive coordinator for the New Orleans Saints, Rob Ryan. First there were reports that Ryan couldn’t talk to the press without getting approval from Saints Vice President of Communications Greg Bensel. Soon after that report, Bensel tweeted the following response:



Never has there been so much confusion about a coach who makes so little difference. Ryan has never had a defense be one of the top units in the league and yet he continues to garner headlines wherever he coaches. It seems like confusion follows Ryan wherever he goes and this time it doesn’t even seem like it’s his fault but here we are in another questionable situation with him.

Since he’s been fired for the Dallas Cowboys he’s supposedly had the defensive coordinator position with the St. Louis Rams, but that fell through and then he was reported to be hired by the Saints when he hadn’t interviewed for the position at the time. If Ryan used this much confusion with his defenses, perhaps he wouldn’t be fired every few years.

In all seriousness though, it might not be a bad idea to mute Ryan in some degree since he does sometimes put his foot in his mouth, but NFL rules prohibit that from happening. So whether you choose to believe the Saints have asked Ryan to think before he speaks or whether they’ve tried to put a gag order on him is up to you, but one thing with the defensive guru is clear, confusion always surrounds him.

Just like the defenses he tries to install.

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