EFLI: American Football thrives in Elite Football League of India

By Jeremy Hayes
John David Mercer- US Presswire


American football has had a hard time trying to thrive beyond North America in the past, but now India takes it’s next step to creating the next big football league.

The Elite Football League of India (EFLI) is hoping to bring American football to Asia, and it has proven that it catches the interest of the Indian and Asian culture.

The league has plenty of investors like Mike Ditka, Michael Irvin, Kurt Warner, Ron Jaworski and Mark Wahlberg.

The league consists of the following teams:

  • Bangalore Warhawks
  • Colombo Lions
  • Dehli Defenders
  • Kandy Skykings
  • Kolkata Vipers
  • Mumbai Gladiators
  • Pakistan Wolfpack
  • Pune Marathas

This isn’t your everyday classic football league, this is the first football league to really embrace their own culture and use it through football. Unlike other leagues, these are not former players or undrafted players, these are native athletes learning the game of football.

It is not top-class performances, but these players are still athletes just getting a taste of what the game truly is. There is a pure sense about it, there has been nothing like it since the birth of football. This game is new to them and it is catching on, even on a grand stage of Asian television Ten Sports.   The first EFLI season was aired on Ten Sports, reruns for the first season, but they are planning to air live games in their second season of a five-year contract with Ten Sports.

Dancing, chanting, local stories and heroes. This is not some sport they are trying to mimic, they are actually making American football into there own sport.

For more on the EFLI, just click the link to learn more about the first season:  http://www.efli.com/

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