New England Patriots: Road to Super Bowl Glory

By andRe Christos Helios
Greg M. Cooper USA Today Sports

The last time the New England Patriots actually won a Super Bowl title was in 2004. They have made it to the Super Bowl two times since then. In both appearances, they have lost to the New York Giants. Recently, they exited the postseason with a humiliating defeat handed to them by the Baltimore Ravens, Super Bowl XLVII (47) champs.

The Pats are a playoff-bound team. Under head coach Bill Belichick, the Pats have made it to the postseason 10 times in 13 seasons. That is a great statistic. Will the Pats return into the postseason again this upcoming season? Undeniably.

But making it to the postseason isn’t enough if you’re Bilichik or Tom Brady. Making it to the AFC championship game or even the Super Bowl will not satisfy Patriots’ fans this time. Making it to the postseason is just the beginning of the journey. What must New England do this upcoming season to resume Super Bowl glory?

First, they must make it to the postseason. I am certain that Bilichik and Brady will see to that personally.

Secondly, they must face and obliterate their AFC rivals, the Baltimore Ravens in the postseason. This will be glorious and monumental; the Ravens have been a hump for the Pats to overcome as of late. Brady & Co. nearly tasted defeat two years ago in Foxborough by visiting Baltimore. More importantly, the Ravens flew into Gillette Stadium twice, preyed and feasted on New England.

I don’t care how New England makes it to their next Super Bowl, however, that appearance will mean nothing if they do not hunt down and kill the Ravens in the postseason.

After they have won the AFC championship, beating Baltimore along the way, the Pats will be in the Super Bowl. In this Super Bowl, they must face that other hump. Yes, you’ve thought correctly- the New York Giants. What’s a Lombardi Trophy if the victory isn’t at the expense of head coach Tom Coughlin and the so-called-elite quarterback, Eli Manning? The Giants ruined the Pats’ perfect season. It was painful for Brady. The hurt was unbearable. Then to add salt to the wounds, the Giants beat the Pats again in a Super Bowl rematch.

Brady and the Pats must have nightmares over these losses.

Nevertheless, Brady & Co. must be the masters of their own dreams.  They must be dream warriors and defeat their Freddy Krueger: the Ravens and the Giants. They say a win is a win, that is true. But for New England, another Super Bowl is nothing if they do not defeat the Baltimore Ravens and the New York Giants in the postseason.

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