The Carolina Panthers Should Sign Brent Grimes to Bolster Their Secondary

By Scott DelleFave
Brent Grimes
s Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

While the Carolina Panthers have a stellar linebacker corps to say the least including the current defensive rookie of the year in Luke Kuechly, however their secondary is second-rate to say the least outside of Chris Gamble. This would serve a double purpose as it would bolster the Panthers secondary and it punishes a division rival in the Atlanta Falcons. Grimes played his college ball at Shippensburg then went undrafted and the rest as they say is history.

Grimes also played a year for the NFL Europe’s Hamburg Sea Dogs and came back and became a special teams ace before his break out year. Despite coming off an Achilles Tendon rupture, Grimes can still be an effective defensive back, plus with the injury will drive his contract value down so Carolina could get a true value over some other defensive backs that are coming off of career years just looking for their big pay day. Since playing in 2007 for the Falcons, Grimes has had 13 interceptions and even made the Pro Bowl in 2010. Grimes has been battling nagging injuries, however he can still come back and play at a high level like he did two years prior. If I was the general manager of the Panthers, I’d make him an offer of four years $12 million with about a quarter of it guaranteed so it minimizes team risk.

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