Baltimore Ravens: Paul Kruger, Cary Williams Too Rich For Ravens

By Ross Watson
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to the free agent market not many players can come to the bargaining table with a freshly minted Super Bowl ring, but it looks like Paul Kruger and Cary Williams will be doing exactly that.

Now that the Super Bowl is done its time for the Baltimore Ravens to accept reality and detach themselves emotionally from two of the players that played a huge part in the successful Super Bowl run. Both players, especially Kruger, have plenty of football left in them and now that they both have a Super Bowl ring they are probably just looking to get a big payday out on the open market, and who can blame them?

The Ravens simply don’t have the resources necessary to give these guys the money that they can get on the open market from some of the teams that have more money than sense. The Ravens will not be happy to see the back of either player, who have been nurtured by the franchise that has only just started to see the fruits of their labor this past year, but that’s the business of football.

Letting go of either player is not a foregone conclusion by this point, but the prevailing sentiment throughout those in the know is that neither guy can be paid well enough by the Ravens to stick around.

The loss of Kruger is going to be especially tough for Baltimore after drafting him in the second round of the 2009 daft and having only just begun to see a return on that investment this year when life at the pro level seemed to click into place for Kruger.

However, if I’ve learned anything from seeing how the Ravens’ front office operates over the years, it’s that there’s always someone waiting in the wings ready to step up and contribute when it’s needed.

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