Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Can Learn From Baltimore Ravens Owner Steve Bisciotti

By Ben Grimaldi
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

There is only one owner in the NFL who thinks he knows enough football to be his team’s owner and general manager, and that is Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Another owner just gave an interview and said he learned long ago to trust the people he hired to run his team; that owner is Steve Bisciotti and his team is the Baltimore Ravens. Does anyone else see a common theme here?

Actually, it doesn’t matter that we all do because the person who needs to understand the point the most, never will. The sad thing is that Jones frequently makes comparisons to the recent Super Bowl champions and explains why his Cowboys can be just like them the following season, but somehow I don’t think he’ll make this connection. But he should and he should listen to the story Bisciotti told Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun about the Ravens 2002 first round draft pick.

“The top two guys left on the board were Lito Sheppard and Ed Reed, we had Ed Reed above Lito and I said to Ozzie, ‘I don’t understand this. If they both have the same grade, why would you not take a corner over a safety? It seems like that’s a more important position.” Bisciotti was talking to Ozzie Newsome, who was and still is the general manager for the Ravens.

“Ozzie said, ‘Because I am true to my board.”

“I kind of learned from that point on that I better not engage too much and try and alter their decision-making, or else we would have had Lito,” Bisciotti said.

Of course, the flaw in this story for the Cowboys is that Jones is also the general manager but the lesson is the same. Trust the real football people you have in your organization to do their job. Everyone knows Jones is not removing himself as general manager of the Cowboys and that would be fine if he let everyone else do their jobs. For some reason Jones lacks trust and we’ve seen the results of how his lack of trust or belief in anyone else and they’re not good.

If there’s one thing Jones can take from this year’s Super Bowl winner, its to trust the people around him and for him to back away. If he needs more proof of that, he can look at the list of the past 18 Super Bowl winners and see his Dallas Cowboys are not on that list.

Right about now Cowboys fans are hoping Jerry Jones and Steve Bisciotti are good friends.

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