Denver Broncos LB Von Miller's Gatorade Fuel Bar Group Interview

By Dave Daniels
Mark J. Rebilas – US Presswire

Here is Von Miller’s Gatorade Fuel Bar group interview. He gave a couple interesting answers, which seemed to raise the eyebrows of his dietician; he said that he liked to drink orange soda before his workouts (6:40) and that may be effective for him now but probably not when he turns around 27 or so. I asked if there was anything Miller was sad to give up as part of his new nutrition regime (2:20), and he said it was more about habit changes like sleep than anything else.

Miller’s favorite pre-game meal is a cup of noodles (4:25) just to have something in his stomach while the game is going on.

On the field and off, Miller has impressed. He has played two pro seasons and been voted to two Pro Bowls, which speaks for itself. Miller was wearing some pretty slick shades too; it is always fun to see what kind of accessories the pro players rock out.

His head coach John Fox’s new nickname for Miller is… Vonny Football, which is pretty cool.

Miller went to Texas A&M and watched Johnny “Football” Manziel’s Heisman run with great interest; this probably would have been my main interview question if I had gotten Miller one on one. The Broncos had a great run this year, but ultimately fell to the eventual Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens in the AFC divisional round. The Broncos should be back with force next year now that Manning is fully healthy.

Keep an eye out for Russell’s Wilson’s Gatorade fuel bar interview sometime tomorrow and some input on the the first part of Roger Goodell’s press conference as well.

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