Green Bay Packers Must Draft a Running Back in First Round

By Devin O'Barr


Eddie Lacy in the national championship game.

Plenty are screaming for the Green Bay Packers to use the 20th overall pick on an offensive tackle, but I don’t think that is the right move. The Packers gave up 51 sacks last season, however with a running game I believe that number would plummet.

Unlike previous years this draft is more about the players in the trenches rather than the skill positions and that will definitely allow the Green Bay to snag some much needed talent at the Running Back position. Aaron Rodgers is the NFLs best quarterback just imagine how great he would be if in fact he had someone who could keep the defense guessing on every drive.

In 2012 the Packers were 20th in all of the NFL with 106.4 yards on the ground and 16.2 of them were from the scrambling Rodgers.

Aside from a few decent years from Ryan Grant the Packers have been searching for a running game for a decade but, refuse to draft one thinking that either the defense or the offensive line are more important. The Packers drafted entirely defensive players in 2012 so don’t tell me that they need help on a defense that allowed just 21 points per game with injuries galore in 2012.

Although the draft process is early I would love to see the Packers jump on Alabama Crimson Tide Running Back Eddie Lacy. Here is an absolute force in the backfield who can give Rodgers a running game and even be quite the pass blocker given some time. It’s unclear where in fact Lacy will go in terms of draft order, but if Green Bay doesn’t draft a RB with that first round pick I would be shocked.

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