Indianapolis Colts: Trade for Percy Harvin in the Cards?

By Eric Smith


Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings have hinted that they may want to explore options of trading star receiver Percy Harvin this offseason. It’s believed that the team is wanting to get rid of their star due to a confortation he and head coach Leslie Frazier had earlier in the season.

If they do want to trade him, the Indianapolis Colts better come calling.

Harvin, has been in the league four years and is arguably one of the most explosive players. He has 278 career receptions for 3,292 yards and 20 touchdowns. He also has 659 rushing yards and five touchdowns on 103 carries. That’s not the only part of the game Harvin affects.

Harvin is a remarkable kick returner as he’s returned at least one touchdown in each of his four seasons. He has 3,144 return yards and five touchdowns.

With all of those stats you can expect the Vikings to want something good in return. I think the Colts have the best option.

The Vikings are a base 4-3 defensive scheme still and the Colts are likely to part ways with Dwight Freeney. Why not work out a sign and trade type of deal where Freeney goes to Minnesota and back to his old defensive end position lining up opposite of Jared Allen?

It’s a win/win for both squads.

Allen/Freeney on the defensive line is likely to be a dynamic force and give the Vikings defense a huge upgrade. Both teams can get rid of their players and not have to worry about facing eachother for another four years unless they make it to the Super Bowl.

The Colts also likely will throw in a draft pick in there for Harvin which could be an offer too good to turn down. Colts linebacker Robert Mathis was tweeting Sunday about wanting Harvin and going to go on recruiting visits to lure free agents to Indianapolis.

Think how good this will make the Colts offense. They now will have two of the fastest guys in the league in Harvin and T.Y. Hilton, but also still have Reggie Wayne and LaVon Brazill. Mix that in with the two tight ends in Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen and this team has some huge firepower.

The deal also wouldn’t kill the Colts in cap space as they could still sign a couple guys up front for the offensive line and draft all defense. The Vikings on the otherhand have a solid secondary and would have their defensive line secured and could go all offensive line, linebackers and wide receiver in their draft.

It’s almost too good of a deal and makes too much sense.

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