Jacksonville Jaguars 7-round 2013 NFL Mock Draft

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Jacksonville Jaguars 2013 NFL Draft

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The 2013 NFL Draft might still be over 2 months away, but the time to start digging deep into the prospects is now. Every team has specific needs that are starting to surface whether it’s caused by a lack of talent or an impending loss of a player due to contract restrictions.

This is 1 part of a 32 part series where I will break down a full seven-round mock draft for every NFL team. I am doing this based on several factors. First is their relative position in the draft. After the end of the regular season the top of the order will be set and as each weekend of NFL playoffs end more teams will be set in place for their picks. Second is based on team needs. I’ve gone to great lengths to get as much input from fans for this as possible, but I have to be honest, some fans don’t know their teams as well as they think they do. This will also include any traded or forfeited picks, but by all means if you see I missed a pick that was traded for or away, post it in the comments below so I know.

I am going to start at the top of the draft order, bounce between the top, middle and end, and give you all 3 or so a week until we’ve covered all 32 teams.

This time we take a look at the Jacksonville Jaguars who currently hold the No. 2 pick in the draft. As I am putting together this mock draft, I have a bit of a conflict. On one hand I have always prescribed to the tenant that when a new head coach comes in, they have to look at the quarterback spot first and foremost. And the Jaguars quarterback situation is beyond questionable. But at the same time, their new head coach, Gus Bradley is a former defensive coordinator of one of the more physical defenses in the league, and I have to assume that a considerable amount of attention will be given to upgrading a defense that ranked near the bottom of most statistical categories.

So what do the Jags do? Can they commit the No. 2 pick to a potential franchise quarterback in this class and still be able to get their defensive needs filled? And I have to wonder if they are satisfied with the state of their skill players moving forward. Lots of decisions to make for this football team that will have a profound effect on them down the road.

In addition to these team specific mock drafts, I will be updating my one-round mock draft regularly here on Rant Sports, along with full scouting reports on the top prospects, so keep an eye out for those and follow me on Twitter @nfldraftboard for all my other football ramblings.

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First Round-Barkevious Mingo, DE LSU

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Barkevious Mingo, DE LSU

Height 6-5 Weight 240lbs

I don’t think anyone can look at this current Jaguars roster and not feel like quarterback isn’t their top “need” position. However, picking No.2 overall in this draft creates a real predicament. There isn’t a quarterback in this draft that in terms of talent that is among the 2 best players in the entire draft class. So for this they pass on a quarterback and instead go with a pass rush specialist like Mingo. The Jaguars have really struggled on the edges and Mingo has the great equalizer and that’s speed. He can line up on the outside and really get out wide and rush the passer. He’d likely be a day one starter and could have a tremendous rookie year.

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Second Round-Kyle Long, OT/OG Oregon

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Kyle Long, OT Oregon Height 6-7 Weight 311lbs

Back to back offensive picks for the Jaguars here, simply based on need. The Jaguars right tackle situation was a point of weakness last season and because of that I have to think head coach Gus Bradley is going to want to bring in a player who can complete right away. Long is an interesting player because he brings an NFL pedigree and great scheme versatility. He’s got nice length which lends itself to him staying at tackle rather than moving inside to guard and his athleticism would be a great fit in what the Jaguars want to do on offense.

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Third Round-Sylvester Williams, DT North Carolina

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Sylvester Williams, DT North Carolina

Height 6-3 Weight 305

One thing Bradley is going to want to do is add a physical mindset to the Jaguars defense and in the third round Williams would be a nice addition. He’s a big man, but has a very quick first step and his specialty is rushing the passer. He hits the gap hard and can split the double team and disrupt plays in the backfield. Williams could even slide outside if needed and play that strong side defensive end that Bradley has used in the past.

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Fourth Round-Tharold Simon, CB LSU

Beth Hall-US Presswire

Tharold Simon, CB LSU

Height 6-3 Weight 193

Simon is project cornerback who declared after a down year. But he’s big and tall and has excellent range. He is very raw in his coverage abilities and plays without discipline at times, but his physical gifts are hard to pass up and with good coaching he has some real potential in the NFL. Even if he can never get the subtlety of cornerback in the NFL, he's easily skilled and athletic enough to be a very good NFL safety.

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Fifth Round-Dennis Johnson, RB Arkansas

Beth Hall-US Presswire

Dennis Johnson, RB Arkansas

Height 5-9 Weight 213

After all the drama and turmoil the Jaguars had to deal with about running back Maurice Jones-Drew I suspect they are going to start auditioning potential replacements and Johnson is a great fit. Johnson is a strong and versatile player who was the star among skill players on the Razorbacks offense in 2012. He had to struggle through a terrible season in Arkansas but we were able to see flashes of what he is capable of. He is an excellent mix of power and speed and if not for a history of injuries he’d almost certainly be a higher rated player. You mix in that he’s also an excellent return man and you can see how a team like the Jaguars could use him.

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Sixth Round-Mike Hermann, QB RPI

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Mike Hermann, QB RPI

Height 6-5 Weight 250

If the Jaguars aren’t going to consider a quarterback early, why not take a shot at a guy like Hermann late? If you were to build a quarterback in a lab, he would look like Hermann. 6-5 and 250lbs with great speed and athleticism screams high draft pick. However, playing at RPI scouts have to look at him and wonder if he’s capable of being anything close to what he was in college once he makes the jump to the NFL. Windows to throw in will shrink, and players will be much better than anything he saw in college. But still, this late it’s a nice risk for a player who looks the part like Hermann does.

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Seventh Round-Jasper Collins, WR Mount Union

David Richard-US Presswire

Jasper Collins, WR Mount Union

Height 5-10 Weight 183

At this point in the draft the Jaguars should take a flyer on another Mount Union wide out and bring in Collins to pair with fellow Purple Raider Cecil Shorts III. I hope that by April, Collins is able to show that he is able to get separation and work clear of press man coverage, because that can only help his draft stock. He has excellent size for the game and does a nice job running his routes and does a nice job against zone coverage. They key for Collins will be if he can hold up against top flight defensive backs who will get up in his face and force him to play more physical.

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