Miami Dolphins Should Bring Back Brian Hartline

By Devin O'Barr
Brian Hartline celebrates after a big play
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins could be in a world of hurt if they decide to let the club’s 2012 leader in receiving yards walk away. Brian Hartline isn’t exactly a household name, but he exploded for the Dolphins this past season and deserves to be rewarded.

Reggie Bush was the teams leading rusher in 2012 and he is also on his way to test the free agent market so the Dolphins would have a totally new offensive makeup if Hartline left as well. Perhaps the biggest casualty of that would be the second-year quarterback Ryan Tannehill who appears to be the QB of the future for Miami.

Like him or not Tannehill showed flashes of excellence in 2012 and taking away a wideout who he hit 74 times last year is just foolish. Hartline gives this team consistency and familiarity two things that are crucial for any NFL quarterback looking to get his feet underneath him early on.

If the Dolphins don’t pony up and give Hartline the five year deal worth $33M that he is looking for then who will be catching passes from Tannehill?

Aside from Davone Bess the ‘Fins didn’t have a single player reach the 400 yard receiving mark last season. The Dolphins will more than likely take a wide receiver with the 12th overall pick if Hartline does depart, but to ask a rookie to be the team’s number one guy sure is asking a lot.

At 26-years-old Hartline doesn’t have the pedigree or resume to demand such a high contract however, losing him would mean the Dolphins are completely starting over at both wide receiver and running back. In my mind Hartline makes sense in Miami and would bring Tannehill great success for years to come.

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