Tennessee Titans Need Jake Locker and Kenny Britt to Connect in 2013

By Devin O'Barr
Locker and Britt before a game
Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans are one of the hardest teams to gauge in the entire NFL. On one hand they have all of the talent necessary to win big games, but they still find themselves at 6-10 upon season’s end.

While Chris Johnson hasn’t been rushing for 2,000 yards he rebounded in 2012 with a 1,000 yard season and showed the league he can still make a difference. Like it or not Johnson is going to be a Titan for quite awhile given his hefty contract, but if Jake Locker can materialize into an NFL quarterback they will be glad they kept CJ around.

Locker has played poorly in his limited time with the club throwing just 10 touchdowns compared to 11 interceptions in 2012. This is not the production that they hoped for when they selected him with the eighth overall pick in 2011. I believe that Locker should utilize Kenny Britt more than he has due to Britt’s uncanny ability to get open and make plays.

This connection could be the greatest in Titans history if in fact they take the time out to work on their skills together this Summer.

In my mind the Titans have plenty of room to grow, but with Locker, Britt and Johnson in place the excuses need to go away. I want to see Locker and Britt take the time out to perfect an offense in Tennessee that hasn’t been vibrant since before the Vince Young era. I don’t think that the Titans should go offensive with the 10th overall pick this April as the pieces are already in place, they just need to come together before it’s too late.

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