Will the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Have Another Off-season Spending Spree?

By Scott DelleFave
Vincent Jackson - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Last off-season the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a very big shopping spree signing two blue chip free agents in wide receiver Vincent Jackson and offensive guard Carl Nicks in 2012, and apparently they are ready to do it again in 2013.

From Alan Dell of the Bradenton Herald have said the following: The Buccaneers’ decision to restructure the contracts of receiver Jackson and guard Nicks means they are going to be a big player in free agency. It’s an emotional uplift for fans and players who will survive the expected Schiano purge.The move creates nearly $18 million more in cap space for 2013. Tampa Bay has committed about $98 million toward a cap that is expected to be around $121 million.The Buccaneers can create even more space if they dump troubled cornerback Eric Wright and redo the contract of injured Quincy Black.

If the Buccaneers cut Wright which is likely due to happen since he failed a drug test and the last four years of his contract can be voided as a result which will free up cap space for them to spend. Which of the blue chip free agents will they go after? Well first they need to sign their quarterback Josh Freeman to a long-term deal but even if they gave him 10 million dollars a year, the Buccaneers can still splurge on a blue chip free agent like they did last year.

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