Arizona Cardinals Must Be Willing to Spend Money to Get Ahead

By Kase Brammer
Peyton Hillis
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals are in a position where they need to spend money to fix their problems immediately. With the defense this team has, it would be a waste to sit on a mediocre offense for the 2013 season. They need to bring in more offensive linemen, a running back, possibly a new safety and to do that, they are going to have to throw out the big bucks.

The CBA protects the team from having to throw out ridiculous amounts of money to sign their draft picks, so that works in the Cardinals’ favor. They will be able to trade or sign a handful of better than average players as long as they can structure their contracts to keep them under the cap enough to still be able to sign a their draft picks.

Here is a short list of free agents the Cardinals should be interested in:

RB Peyton Hillis

RB Rashard Mendenhall

QB Seneca Wallace

S Jairus Byrd

OT Jake Long

The two names that really pop out on this list to me are Hillis and Long. Apparently, Long was insulted by the contract the Miami Dolphins offered him and he might be willing to come to the desert. He reportedly wanted $10 million a year, but the Cardinals are not going to give it to him. Eventually, he will hit the market, find out he is not worth that much and cower away from the Dolphins in embarrassment.

The Kansas City Chiefs did not use Hillis as much as he would like, so he has to be looking for a new team. The Cardinals could use a bruising back this year in hopes of averaging over four yards a carry. Hillis has to be willing to listen to reasonable offers or he is going to end up in a situation he doesn’t want to be in again.

Finally, bringing in a quarterback like Wallace will insure a quality backup. The Cardinals are missing that at the moment and if offensive line fails, Wallace is athletic enough to keep the defenders from pinning back their ears and only going after quarterbacks.

Money is always on every owner’s mind, but if they want to see their team compete they will spend the necessary amount. The new coaching staff has a better eye for talent, so who knows how they want to approach this off-season. All I know is that money talks.

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