Dallas Cowboys Must Get Settled Before Discussing Tony Romo's Contract

By Jeric Griffin
tony romo new contract
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

A recent piece by a Dallas Fort Worth-area columnist has Dallas Cowboys fans all fussing over whether or not Tony Romo should have to earn his new contract. In all the arguing and debating, everyone has forgotten that the Cowboys are a long way from even being able to think about negotiating a new deal with their signal-caller. Regardless, the question should not be if the Cowboys are going to re-sign Romo; it should be how.

The reason for that is because the team has no one even remotely close to being ready to take over for Romo in the next four or five years. Without a surefire backup plan, how in the world can a team that talks about winning so much to the point it’s painful even consider letting the face of the franchise walk?

Like him or not, Romo is the Cowboys’ quarterback and that’s not going to change anytime soon, not until the Cowboys have a high draft pick and Jerry Jones has realized he’s not going to win with this current group of players or not until another Joe Flacco comes along for Dallas to snag in the second half of the first round of the draft.

In the meantime, the Cowboys need to figure out their salary cap situation because right now, they’re almost $25 million over for 2013. That’s because worthless players like Doug Free are collecting $7 million and Jones loaded up all those contracts during the recent uncapped year. So now Dallas has to deal with it while its franchise quarterback will be free to sign wherever he chooses this time next year unless something changes fast.

The fact everyone is arguing about whether or not the Cowboys should give Romo a new deal is absurd. That’s not to say he deserves a $100 million contract or that he’s a great quarterback, but the Cowboys don’t have any other options, so letting him go would be arguably the dumbest thing in franchise history, or at least since Jones bought the club in 1989, and that’s saying something.

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