Gatorade Fuel Bar Interview with Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson

By Dave Daniels
Daniel Shirey – USA TODAY Sports

Russell Wilson just came off a year, where as a third round draft pick, he snagged the starting job from Matt Flynn and immediately endeared himself to Pete Carroll as the starting quarterback. He finished out the year healthy, which cannot be said of all other quarterbacks with large rushing numbers, and even took his team to the brink of the NFC championship game.

Thanks to Gatorade I was able to film Wilson’s Fuel Bar interview, which you can check out below.

Wilson ran a camp for inner city kids last year (1:10) that was sponsored by Gatorade, and he seems like a real stand up guy. Wilson, Robert Griffin III, and Andrew Luck showed this year that the future of the quarterback position is in great hands.

Wilson used to only drink Gatorade (1:30) when he was a freshman at N.C. State, and now understands he needs to mix Gatorade and water a bit more. Wilson also wondered if he would of been a better pro baseball player if he had known more about electrolytes, and if it would have helped him in the summer heat (8:50).

Wilson also mentioned something about not missing a play all year, which is true except for the 9 passes Matt Flynn threw in the 56-0 blowout win over the Arizona Cardinals. Just for the record, that was the most lopsided victory in the league all year. Wilson does make a great point about how he never hit the rookie wall (7:40) and he thinks it was partly due to his excellent nutrition habits. Wilson is primed to have an even better sophomore campaign, and hopefully we can all watch him for many years to come.

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