Group Media Interview with recent Hall of Fame Selection Cris Carter

By Dave Daniels
Dave Daniels- Rant Sports

At the Super Bowl Media conference room, Jerry Rice, Mike Ditka, Trent Dilfer, and Cris Carter were all available to the media for about an hour. I tried to get at least 7 or 8 minutes of each guy and you can view the video I got of future Hall of Famer Cris Carter below.

Carter was flattered by Mike Ditka’s comments that he and Jerry Rice are the best wide receivers ever (2:20), and though he doesn’t buy into rankings he does believe Rice is the best ever. He also made his case for Adrian Peterson as MVP (2:50), because in Carter’s words “he shattered his knee 57 weeks ago” and then went on to have the second best season by a running back ever (3:12). That’s a solid point.

Carter thinks his Minnesota Vikings need another wide receiver next year, and definitely need to make a decision about Percy Harvin’s future. (5:46) Carter was not as concerned about the 49ers secondary as I was (7:20), and he didn’t make his Super Bowl pick until Sunday countdown. I wasn’t sure Joe Flacco could win this game with his arm, but I was pretty sure that he would get a shot in the final quarter. As it played out, Flacco helped his team jump out to a big league in the first half, and the Baltimore Ravens defense won the game at the goal line.

Carter was impressed by this year’s rookie class and thinks the NFL has “the best story lines of any sport” (4:42), which makes his job really easy. Carter makes some great points in this interview and congratulations to the former Minnesota Viking for his recent Hall of Fame selection.

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