Kansas City Chiefs must avoid Alex Smith

By Damon Salvadore
Jason Watson-US Presswire

Alex Smith has become the most overrated sought after quarterback of the 2013 NFL off-season. It’s not even close, in fact he’s become the most overrated desired player in the league by far. If the Kansas City Chiefs want a fresh start they’d better avoid Alex Smith.

The former No. 1 overall draft pick was a lost draft bust before Jim Harbaugh took over the San Fransisco 49ers in 2011. He was a quarterback who couldn’t read defenses, protect the football or win games with a talented surrounding cast. He was a quarterback who was benched and constantly fumbled the football. Now everybody thinks Alex Smith is the savior because he had one full quality season, however those people fail to forget the previous six seasons.

Without Harbaugh, Alex Smith has 51 touchdowns and 53 interceptions.

Not much of a “game manager” huh? Harbugh has transformed Smith from a terrible draft bust of a quarterback to a game managing play it safe quarterback. When you sign Smith you don’t get the 49ers defense with him that only allows two touchdowns. Sure Smith has excelled the last two seasons under Harbuagh throwing 30 touchdowns to just 10 interceptions, but the 49ers still made it to the Super Bowl without him.

Alex Smith has made it clear that he wants to be a starter. Sorry but he’s not worth nearly $10 million per season. He’s not elite, nor is he top 15 quarterback. When remembering his one good season I ask you to also remember his six poor seasons.

The Chiefs need to look for a quarterback steal in the draft or may even Tim Tebow. Alex Smith would yet again have a new offensive coordinator and the team would have to rebuild.

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