Kenny Britt: Potential may have gotten you drafted, but it will also get you cut

By anthony denmark
Kenny Britt Tennessee Titans
Don McPeak – USA TODAY Sports

Last week, former Tennessee Titans wide receiver Randy Moss spoke glowingly of his former teammate Kenny Britt. In fact, when Moss referenced his brief time with the Titans, the only good things that he said were about Britt and his potential to be a dominant receiver in the NFL.

Although Britt has only shown glimpses of dominance on the gridiron, his inconsistent play may make next season his last with the Titans. Britt is in the final year of his contract, so he is either due for a Albert Haynesworth-like resurgence or more of the disappointing same.

During Moss’s 19-year career in the NFL, he has said a number of foolish things that was viewed as being erratic, off the mark or simply “Randy being Randy.” Moss may have been wrong when he crowned himself as the best wide receiver of all-time–sorry, Jerry Rice–but his critique of Britt was spot on. When the Titans selected Britt, it was largely due to potential because he was far from a finished product after declaring for the NFL Draft out of Rutgers University.

However, the same potential that got Britt selected in the first round may ultimately be his undoing. His career is at a crossroads weighed down by the baggage from his personal life (DUI’s & wanted for questioning in a homicide) and erratic play on the gridiron. This means the time to perform is now. No excuses, no apologies.

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