Miami Dolphins Must Sign Reggie Bush This Off-season

By Mark Donatiello
Jennifer Stewart – US PRESSWIRE

Reggie Bush, if nothing else, made the Miami Dolphins worth watching despite their struggles last season.  As free agency approaches, the Dolphins need to make a decision regarding the dynamic back.  Reggie Bush has expressed an interest in remaining in Miami, and the Miami Dolphins have the cap space to re-sign him.

Though Bush has never truly lived up to the lofty expectations he carried when he was drafted, he showed enough promise last season for the Dolphins to bring him back for 2013 and beyond.

The Dolphins have 45 million dollars in cap space and a plethora of holes on offense.  Last season, a lack of legitimate receiving options left rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill out to dry. The defense was decent enough, but the offense continually put them in difficult situations.  Despite this anemic passing attack, Bush had a strong season.

Averaging over four yards per carry, Bush fell just fourteen yards short of a thousand-yard season as part of a mediocre rushing tandem.  His highlight-reel offensive plays kept defenses off balance, and provided excitement during a mediocre 7-9 season. Bush is the most recognizable name in the Dolphins offense, and he provides a spark when used correctly.  Despite his injury history, Bush is an integral part to the Dolphins’ success.

The Dolphins have plenty to build on for next season.  Ryan Tannehill proved himself to be a capable NFL quarterback despite a lack of offensive firepower.  The defense kept them in games, and if the Dolphins spend their cap space properly they can contend in an increasingly middling AFC East division.

If the Dolphins let Reggie Bush go, their offense will suffer immensely.  Suddenly, the already one-dimensional offense becomes even weaker. Tannehill becomes an even bigger target, and the defense is stressed even further.  A strong rushing game keeps the pressure off of Tannehill and the rest of the Dolphins and bringing back Reggie Bush is crucial to a remotely successful 2013 season.

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