Michael Vick Is Best Option for Chip Kelly, Philadelphia Eagles

By OJ Spivey
Howard Smith-USA Today

From the day Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick was benched in favor of rookie Nick Foles, many predicted the next move was Vick being out the door for the 2013 season. Not so fast, however, as the Eagles went relentlessly hard at Oregon Ducks head coach Chip Kelly to lead their franchise into the future. We all know what Kelly requires for his innovative, exotic read option offense to work. His quarterback cannot be a statue and needs to be mobile.

Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick are of course not available for the Eagles to obtain. It also appears that a classic drop back passer like Foles isn’t the answer. After all, Kelly didn’t need to see much of the NFL Foles due to coaching against Pacific 12 rival the Arizona Wildcats for several years. Obviously, once looking at all other feasible scenarios, Kelly and the Eagles see Vick as the best possible fit.

There are a number of things at work here. It is my belief that Kelly didn’t leave a very secure job in Eugene, Ore. in which he had the financial backing of Nike co-founder Phil Knight as well as the trust of a university not to take his rare shot at the big leagues. Kelly also didn’t make the jump to hope and pray someone else’s draft pick would mold into the field general he’s use to having in college. Kelly wants to make an immediate impact on the pros. He is known as the next great innovator of football and neither a Foles or an Alex Smith, for example, will give him that opportunity.

This is not to say that keeping Vick in Philadelphia doesn’t come without tremendous risks. Vick has indeed been awfully injury prone and ridiculously careless with the football during the last two seasons. Yes, it looks to be nothing more than a stop gap until Kelly finds the right man to execute his offense to the max and there’s still a possibility that Vick gets released. Until then, Vick is the best and only option for the midnight green and black.

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