New England Patriots Foolish to Consider Trading Ryan Mallett

By Jeric Griffin
ryan mallett trade
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Most of the under-the-radar moves the New England Patriots end up being genius ones that greatly benefits them in the long run, but their latest idea was a bonehead one. Last week, there were very hot trade rumors involving Patriots backup quarterback Ryan Mallett and the Cleveland Browns, but that would have been an awful move on New England’s part.

As fellow Rant Sports columnist Tyler Ash recently pointed out, Bill Belichick is regarded as a great NFL head coach (he’s way overrated by the way), but he has struggled to develop quarterbacks other than Tom Brady. Belichick has a future star in Mallett, who is learning from Brady and patiently awaiting his turn to lead the Patriots’ offense. Given Belichick’s track record with quarterbacks and Brady’s age, getting rid of Mallett would have bee a huge mistake.

What did Belichick think he was going to do after Mallett was gone? Brady will be 36 by the time the 2013 NFL season starts and although he’s still playing a high level right now, even Brett Favre finally broke down at 40. Even if Brady has four more good years left in the tank, the Patriots would be better off with a player like Mallett who has a lot of NFL experience, even it it’s not on the field in the regular season.

Mallett’s alleged drug usage in high school and college made pro scouts leery of him in the 2011 NFL Draft, but having been around the guy during his career at Texas High School in Texarkana, Texas, I can tell you he’s cleaned up his act. Mallett will be a gunslinger if there ever was one if the Patriots will stick to their plan and keep him as Brady’s eventual successor. Did you see the guy play at Arkansas? Have you seen in the preseason? Wait until you see him as New England’s staring quarterback.

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