New York Giants Face a Dilemma When it Comes to Corey Webster's Contract

By Christopher Gamble


Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants have already begun trimming the roster to add salary cap space. So far, Ahmad Bradshaw, Chris Canty, and Michael Boley, three players integral to the Giants’ 2011 Super Bowl, have all been shown the door. Terrell Thomas, who has missed the last two seasons with ACL injuries, has had his contract restructured as well.

Now, the question is, who is next? Much speculation has surrounded cornerback Corey Webster who is coming off of arguably his worst season and is due to make $7 million next season. Giants’ fans are split as to whether or not the Giants should just cut him or restructure the contract but the consensus is that something needs to be done about Webster.

It was a common experience for Giants fans to watch Corey Webster get beat time and time again this season. Webster would take bad routes, get beat deep and generally was not as effective as the Giants, or Webster, expected him to be.

However, the Giants just can’t cut Webster who remains their number one cornerback because there is no option to replace him. Prince Amukamara made big strides last season and finally began to show the potential the Giants had seen in him to make him their number one pick two years ago. Jayron Hosley also showed some potential last season but right now he hasn’t shown enough to warrant a starting spot.

The Giants’ biggest problem is if they cut Webster whom do they get to replace him? Signing a free agent of Webster’s caliber could cost the Giants a large chunk of all of their salary cap space they just created. Restructuring the contract with Webster is an option but restructuring is a two-way street and something the player must agree to. Then there is the problem of depth and health that has been a thorn in the side for the Giants the past couple of seasons.

Right now, the Giants are stuck between a rock and a hard place. I am sure they would love to restructure Webster’s contract, giving them more  room to maneuver to pursue free agents and sign their own free agents. However, that can only happen if Webster wants to restructure.

Yes, Giants GM Jerry Reese has some tough decisions to make this off-season. He has already started making them and could continue to make them in the coming days and weeks as he tries to get the Giants back to the Super Bowl.

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