NFL Rumors: Denver Broncos, Champ Bailey May Part Ways

By Mark Stringer
Ron Chenoy – US Today Sports

There have been some NFL rumors that 34-year-old All Pro cornerback Champ Bailey and the Denver Broncos may have seen their last season together, but I wouldn’t look into that too much because I don’t see the Broncos letting the heart of their team for the last several seasons go very easily. I also don’t see him wanting to go, so if you put those two things together both sides will find a way to keep Bailey a Bronco for life.

There are two different angles from which you can look at it.

First, why would the Broncos want to lose a very talented corner who is also a true leader in the locker room, on the field and off it? I understand this is a business and money is always an issue, but Bailey is still playing well enough that he deserves a very good salary. Corners get beat from time to time and so does Bailey, but he stays pretty solid way more often than not. The Broncos have been all in ever since they brought in QB Peyton Manning and it just wouldn’t make sense to let a key part of this team go at this point.

Second, why would Bailey want to go somewhere else when he always speaks about how he and his family love it in Denver and the fact the Broncos have a legitimate chance to make it to a Super Bowl? He’s not going to get more money by going somewhere else at the age of 34 and the Broncos finally got a true quarterback that can take them to the top.

Nothing here adds up. The Broncos won’t be letting Bailey go. It just wouldn’t make sense for any party involved.


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