NFL's Bad Weather Plans Prove Outdoor Super Bowl Was Bad Idea

By Jeric Griffin
super bowl lights out
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

Can someone please explain to me why the NFL is planning for bad weather at next year’s Super Bowl? It was such a great idea to have the Big Game in New York in the first place, especially since MetLife Stadium is not a dome, but now the league is having second thoughts. Hmm, I wonder why that could be.

Playing the Super Bowl outdoors was one of the worst ideas the league has ever come up with, and that’s saying something. The NFL doesn’t do any special preparation or postponing for bad weather for regular season or playoff games, but the league is now preparing to postpone the Super Bowl due to weather or even bump it up a day and have it played on a Saturday.

So you’re telling me that all these football big wigs didn’t think about this until now, three years after it was decided that the Big Apple would host the Big Game? These bufoons are getting paid how much? Heck, I could make decisions like this for a tenth of what they’re making and be very happy.

This is all so simple, yet it’s being turned into a circus, just like the NFL Lockout two years ago and the New York Jets this past season. The league is talking about playing the Super Bowl–the biggest one-day sporting event on Earth–on a different day than it’s been planned because of weather. The NFL definitely shouldn’t stand for National Football League anymore.

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